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Every great idea, possibility, accomplishment, product, or service, started out the same…as a seed that is planted and nourished.  


As a parent-led 501C3 non-profit organization, Independence Gardens’ has committed to providing the seed of commitment for innovation, engaging learning activities, community and school collaboration through edible school gardening and sustainability practices.  


Our mission is simple:  To partner with schools and like-minded organizations in developing and implementing experiential edible gardening programs that will provide every student an engaging, meaningful and transformative educational experience.

This uninhibited learning will be accomplished through working partnerships with local businesses, our community, and schools - aiding in implementation of curriculum and programs that address nutrition, science and math skills, sustainable and ecological gardening practices, and provide an avenue for students to develop life skills in areas such as leadership, decision making and nutrition.  


Every dollar donated to Independence Gardens will go directly into funding new school outdoor learning spaces (and supporting working gardens adopted in our Network) and hands on nutrition programs like Come and Eat IT .  Within five years, we have committed to having an edible space in all as many as 40 elementary schools (over 28,000 students) and will have an immediate impact on these communities.  


Your partnership will be the nourishment that will cultivate these seeds and will sprout the educational journey of our children.  

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