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Independence Elementary 

Student Impact:  900 + annually

Our lighthouse campus sprouted in 2013 and continuous to grow!  The wicking beds installed by our local Home Depot is a partnership that stems from their commitment to community.  Over 900 students utilize this edible outdoor learning space which yields fruits and vegetables!  

Help us Sprout!

This elementary campus represents 600 students in the Central Zone within the Lewisville Independence School District.  The edible Outdoor Learning Space will provide experiential activities which will enhance their educational journey.  Over seventy (70%) of Southridge's student population fall within the Title I category.  Families in this demographic are those that are low income.  And when one in three children is obese* in Texas, the nutrition component of this program will provide these students the opportunity to understand the relationship between food and nutrition.

With the help of our local Home Depot, we are excited to see this project launch.  You can help Southridge on this journey.  

Your donation is also greatly appreciated!

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