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Come and EAT IT 2021!

On May 20, 2021, Independence Gardens' Chef-driven, Student-led LIVE cooking program will launch at Rice Elementary in Chandler, AZ!  The newest school district in the IG network of schools, this experiential, fun, cooking program will have over 100 students chopping and mixing, all rallying for improved school nutrition.  Welcome to Come and EAT IT 2021!


Chef Tess Collins

Executive Chef, Aramark

Tessa Collins is an Executive Chef at Aramark working for Crowley ISD. She is able to work with students on several projects including; the growing chef (a student and parent cooking class she created and the lone star chef an annual junior chef competition where students compete for scholarship money.)

Chef Subash Yadav

Executive Chef/Owner, Everest Momo

Subash, born in the southern Terai region of Nepal and raised in Kathmandu, came to the United States in 2008 to study medicine, and quickly discovered it wasn’t for him.  Shifting his studies to food and dairy science, he first worked in corporate food research and development, then moved to Arizona in 2014 to take a position producing and eventually designing menus for office cafeterias. In 2019 he launched Everest Momo, a successful Nepali food truck concept. In 2020 Phoenix New Times awarded him “Best New Chef” for his commitment to local produce and a fresh beautiful cooking style.

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The Dish:

Crispy Bean Tostada with Avocado and Jicama-Cilantro Slaw

Colorful, bright, delish - all describe the recipe for this year's Come and EAT IT! Program!  Even more exciting? Students will use some ingredients grown from their hydroponic Tower Garden! 

Come and EAT IT in action!

What is Come and EAT IT?  See it in action and how Independence Gardens has implemented actionable, impactful nutrition education for students since 2014!

Please address all media inquiries to:

Come and EAT IT 2021 Press Release

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