The Power of One

Introducing the Power of One campaign. We are looking to partner with our community members who understand the importance of supporting neighborhood projects like the Community Gardens at Independence Elementary and Southridge Elementary.  These two campuses represent 2 of the 40 schools we hope to add to our network of edible Outdoor Learning Spaces within 5 years.  

Your generosity provides experiential programs - with a strong focus on science and math, Nutrition Education, Sustainability, Conservation, Engaging and Transformative Education...a holistic approach to education that involves schools, parents, and the community.  

Our Mission:  40 Elementary Outdoor Learning Gardens in 5 years.  All of the Gardens in our Network will have a strong focus on Science, Math, Nutrition - and will include Fine Arts and Technology.  It's a partnership with the schools, parents, and the community.  Each one of our School Gardens will grow fruits and vegetables, promote sustainability and conservation.  Why?  Because the over 30,000+ students that call LISD home deserve the best public education we can provide.


Short Term Goals:  

1.  Fund 20 new Outdoor Gardens within 2 years.

2.  Extend Nutrition Programs such as Come and Eat It!  to 20 campuses by 2017.  This alone will impact 2,000 children.

3.  Sustainability in 20 Campuses

4.  Collaboration with other LISD programs - such as Future Farmers of America, Engineering and Technical Programs through CCE, Seedling Projects, and The Culinary Program at The Colony High School.

The power of one idea, like a single seed, has the power to feed and change the world. One Seed. One Idea. One Vision.


Imagine what we can do...when the power of one is multiplied tenfold...a hundredfold or even more. Together, we can effect lasting change in our community by helping sprout the educational journey of our children.

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