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Hello from IG!

I am so very excited you're helping us seed communities with actionable, impactful nutrition education programs that give children in schools and communities access to fresh food!   #freshfood4all

NourishED Futures Microgrant Program: Cultivating Healthier School Communities

Welcome to Independence Gardens' Microgrant Program, where seeds of change are planted, and school communities flourish! Our Microgrant Program is designed to empower schools with a $150 grant, providing a golden opportunity for educators to cultivate actionable, nutrition-focused initiatives. We believe in nourishing minds and growing futures, and this program aims to do just that by supporting projects that actively engage students in adopting healthier eating habits. Whether it's establishing a vibrant school garden, organizing interactive cooking workshops, or creating educational materials, we invite educators to bring their creative nutrition programs to life. The application process is simple, and we are excited to see the innovative ways schools will contribute to building a culture of wellness. Join us in this journey of fostering healthier, thriving communities—one microgrant at a time. Apply now and let's make a lasting impact together! #IGMicrogrant #NourishingCommunities #GrowingTogether

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