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About Us

Independence Gardens, founded in 2013, is committed to empowering children and their communities to grow and prepare fresh, healthy food through garden-based education programs. Our mission is to improve access to fresh food, promote healthy eating habits, and instill values of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The Benefits of a Community School Gardens

Community school gardens can make lasting differences in the lives of children. The lessons taught through these edible outdoor learning laboratories transcend gardening to impact children, their families and entire communities for years to come.

Educates about gardening, nature & cooking


Gets people active & improves physical health


Builds a sense of community


Provides fresh, affordable produce


Get Involved in the Volunteer Program

Research has shown that volunteering is associated with improved health and well-being, including increased longevity, adoption of healthy lifestyles and reduction in depression and stress. The service volunteers provide also goes on to benefit the communities in which they live and serve.  Love to garden?  Come join the our year round school opportunities!  Love to plan parties?  Our Garden To Table Events is calling your name!  Love to cook?  Hello sous-chef!  

The Value to Employers Who Support Volunteering 

Employee volunteer programs have been shown to increase employee satisfaction and retention. Organizations with higher employee satisfaction have better bottom line results. Team members engaged in companies that have a robust community volunteer program see the following benefits:    

  • Increased Employee Purpose  
  • Leadership Skill Development 

  • Enhanced employee recruitment

What We Do

We're more than just a "school garden." Independence Gardens nutrition programs connects children to food through actionable, impactful activities that provide schools and communities access to fresh food.

Through partnerships with like-minded companies and organizations, we have directly impacted over 10,000 children since 2013.  It begins with outdoor edible learning spaces, where hands on programs provide students opportunities to learn science, math, social studies, and the health benefits and value of growing fresh food!  Schools can also incorporate The Beanstalk Project by adding a Hydroponic Tower in their cafeteria; all leading up to our signature chef cooking program, Come and EAT IT.  

All of this is available for schools and community organizations, including lessons in sustainability, leadership and community giving, with ongoing support from the IG Team.  

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