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Seeding.  Sprouting.  Learning.  Eating.  Feeding the hungry in our communities.  Welcome to Independence Gardens.  

The Apple Project

Connecting children to food through actionable, impactful nutrition programs sprouts here.  Edible, outdoor learning spaces have been shown to increase learning (it's also fun to play with dirt :-) ).  


Come and EAT IT!

Have you ever heard the sound of 100+ kiddos smashing granola because they need it for a Banana Crunch Roll?  We have & it's sooooo loud, fun, and amazing to see (and hear!).  Introducing our signature and trademarked program Come and EAT IT!  Since 2016, chefs are bravely stepping on the cafeteria stage and leading students through a hands-on cooking program.  No watching here!  Children chop, mix, and cook alongside some of the most passionate chefs we know!  


The Beanstalk Project 

Plug and Grow - the easiest (and we think super cool) way to teach our children sustainable growing is through our HydroTower program:  The Beanstalk Project. While we may not have magic beans, we do have something waaaay better, a small footprint resource that can grow up to 30lbs of food!  Can you imagine how many families we can feed if EVERY school had one?  

Hydroponic Lettuce
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