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We LOVE A Good Party!  

...especially when it's raising $ that provides actionable, impactful nutrition programs that provide children & communities access to fresh food!


The Art of Food:  Palette to Palate 

Welcome to 'The Art of Food'—a captivating fusion of culinary mastery and artistic expression, dedicated to making a difference. Join us on 2/29/24 at Sparrow on Main as renowned chefs craft visually stunning dishes, bringing to life the vibrant intersection of food and art. Experience live art shows, where talented artists paint stories of hope, resilience, and the fight against food insecurity. Every ticket purchased supports Independence Gardens, ensuring fresh, nutritious food for children in schools and communities. Let's savor the flavors of compassion, creativity, and community at this extraordinary event. Come, be a part of a movement that transcends the ordinary—a celebration where every bite and brushstroke makes a meaningful impact.


Bikers In Wonderland:  Eat. Ride.  Give.  
The Spring Ride

Join us for the maddest, baddest, culinary adventure in town.

Food, Bikes, Brew, Local Art, Music...all to rally for



Mad Hatter Dinners

By Invitation Only.  

Only 40 Wonderlanders will receive the coveted Mad Hatter Invitation.  Chefs will curate 6 underground dinners setting the stage for Bikers In Wonderland in October. If you are chosen, you will receive an invitation with a password to access Wonderland.  You will have 24 hours to make your purchase.  

Donations are nonrefundable but seats to the dinner are transferrable.  


Dinner Dates:  2024 DATES COMING SOON!


Ready to go down the rabbit hole?  

Click on the link to get on the Mad Hatter List!

Our Partners

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