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Independence Gardens is 10!

Independence Gardens celebrates its 10 year anniversary by kicking off Come and EAT IT 2023!

On May 18, 2023, Independence Gardens (IG), in partnership with Amerigroup and Aramark are bringing together a team of local chefs and students in North Texas to rally for improved school nutrition education. Come and Eat IT! 2023, Independence Gardens’ chef-led cooking campaign launches today in celebration of Independence Gardens’ 10 year anniversary.

“We are very excited to kick-off Come and EAT 2023 in celebration of IG’s 10th year.” said Chonnie Richey, Founder of Independence Gardens. “Since 2013, Independence Gardens continuous to connect children to food through actionable, impactful nutrition programs that provide schools and communities access to fresh food. It begins with our edible outdoor learning spaces and culminates in our Come and Eat IT! chef-driven, student-led cooking program."

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