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Chef Randall Braud


Join us for a whimsical culinary adventure with Chef Joshua Bonee at the Mad Hatter Dinner Series on Saturday, June 24, 2023.  


Experience imaginative dishes and push the boundaries of taste with our specially curated six-course menu, each course expertly paired with a complementary beverage.

Location:  Grand Prairie, Texas


Limited seats available!

Mad Hatter Dinner Menu 6/24/23

Petite Oysters

Cucumber-Mint Granita w/ pickled Thai chilies

Summer Panzanella Salad

Compressed melons, marinated tomatoes, charred okra, whipped feta-yogurt, herb oil, prosciutto, milk bread crumble


Charred Eggplant

Chocolate eggplant puree, enoki conserva, curried cashews, pomegranate



Ricotta dumplings, corn crema, smoky lardons, bonito, 


Miso Pork Neck

Stone fruit mostarda, peperonata and summer succotash, ginger-scallion oil


Boozy Cheesecake

Mezcal, key lime, graham cracker, whip

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The Buzz

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Our Partners

Actionable, impactful nutrition education programs that provide schools and communities access to fresh food is made possible by our partners.   Welcome to Independence Gardens.  


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Learning, Growing & Sharing Locally Grown Food.

Access to fresh food is the right of EVERY child.  

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